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We offer full support for your projects from the beginning on

  • product development
  • mold concept and design
  • project management for LSR-, 2K-molds and Turn-Key solutions
  • test and approval trials
  • automation
  • start-up of projects and evaluation on-site
  • after sales service package

LimTec Service-Package, guarantees and improves your continuous production process

  • operator training
  • process optimization
  • trouble-shooting
  • worldwide customer service

Customized Mini & Micro-Molding-Systems for LSR, 2-Shot application

Designed exactly for your product

  • rapid-prototyping with interchangeable inserts suitable for master micro mold base
  • customer testing on micro injection molding machine and mini dosing system
  • we also offer micro-solutions for parts smaller than 0,001g